Bobo's Farm Eco tourism on Ovalau, Fiji Island

An experience of natural beauty in rural Fiji

 Travel to Levuka

               When you on Ovalau you should visit Levuka.....the first Unesco World Heritage town of the South Pacific.....

            from Bobo's Farm you can take a local truck for $ 3 one way and explore our little treasure....taxis available too...

                     it's an interesting and enjoyable day trip....for more infos see

    Activities around Bobo's Farm:

                      When you here, you certainly will enjoy the tranquil scenery, take a dip in the river..... use 

                            the waterfall in the garden pool or relax in the hammock and listen to the birds.

                 If you are interested explore our farm, fotoshoot our flowers or let Bobo show you our animals 

                             and explain the different root crops, vegetables, fruits and medical plants.

Bobo's guided tours:

You can go with Bobo to the village, meet the people of Rukuruku and visit the school....everybody will be happy to see you.....there is no charge .....a small donation for the school would be appreciated.

Trek with Bobo to the waterslides                   "Na Vu Wai"

and enjoy the fresh water pool.

It's a 20 minutes walk in the forest,

free of charge for our house guests.

         Hike to the peaks of 

       "Tumuna" or "Vuniasi"


 Try to climb up to the old fort,  only    10 minute from our farm in the        rainforest.....ancient settlement

   with view of very old vesi trees.

  -free of charge for house guests-

Let Bobo and Bola take you to 

         Maloi sandbar

...or Naigani Island lagoon...

have picnic on the beach...

go fishing, trawling or spearing....

Bola's rates:

Maloi: F$ 45pp/minimum F$ 70

Naigani: F$ 55pp/minimum F$ 90

Fishing: F$ 90-150 depending

Walk with Bobo to the beach...

have a swim or snorkel....

or climb over the rocks and reach "Damu bay"....

you will pass interesting rock formations, little caves and small beaches ....

meet the local fisher men and women.

free of charges for house guests.