Bobo's Farm Eco tourism on Ovalau, Fiji Island

An experience of natural beauty in rural Fiji


       Bobo's Farm is located on the north - west side of Ovalau Island 

      in a beautiful valley called Rukuruku.

      Ovalau is a lush, tropical Island of volcanic origin with steep mountains up to

      800m high in the central division called "Lomaiviti" or "heart of Fiji";

      The Island is full of beautiful landscapes, rich in culture and history.

      Our farm is nestled in the valley beside the river and surrounded by rainforest.


How can you get there:

        You can fly to Ovalau.

        Northern Air Fiji offers a 12 minutes flight                        

        Sorry no flights right now!!!!!!


        booking online: http:/

        Inquiries: Northern Air Service 

        Tel: 00679-3475005

        You can take the ferry/car or bus combination

        Patterson Brothers leaves at 1 pm daily 

        from Suva - Bus station to Levuka


        Tickets at Patterson Brothers offices 

        in Nadi, Lautoka and Suva                                                   Tel: 00679-3315644

        St. Mary cargo boat goes 3 times

        a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday                            Tickets at Suva bus station 

        aircon bus leaves at 10.30am 

        inquires by phone: 00679 7081801 

        Gounder shipping goes daily to Levuka

        bus leaves at 6am Suva bus station and                            returns to Suva at 3pm from Levuka