Bobo's Farm Eco tourism on Ovalau, Fiji Island

An experience of natural beauty in rural Fiji


                   We believe in good food......which means fresh and healthy....when possible organic....!

                            All our meals are fresh and home cooked.....we don't use microwaves..!

                      We have our own garden and use our vegetables which are pure organic grown..!

                                                                    And fruits grow just everywhere...!

                                                     Our breakfast will be served on the farm house terrace.

                                                   We're serving brewed coffee or tea, juice, cereal and fruits, 

                                                       toast and eggs or cheese, homemade jam or honey.

                                                                                    F$ 13 pp

                                                   Our lunch on the farm house terrace will be pure vegetarian.

                                                        We're serving soups, salads, curries, pasta or stir fries

                                                                                    F$ 15 pp

                                                  Dinner will be served on the terrace or in the farm house, 

                                                                         depending on the weather.

                                                           There will be European, Fijian or Indian dishes

                                                                   And a little Dessert afterwards...!

                                                                                   F$ 22 pp

    Please be aware that we have no liquor license......if you want to drink alcohol, please bring it                                              yourself or inform us early to go shopping for you.

   And we don't sell any fizzy drinks either......fresh rainwater will be supplied 24 hours and there are                                               tea/coffee facilities in the cottage.